Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mane Change

For my first legit post, I would like to tell y'guys the story about how I finally decided to change my hairstyle. Big time. 

As I welcomed the second semester of my senior year, I also welcomed few changes in my life. There are a lot of things that I want to change about myself because I'm actually getting bored with the way I see myself, so to speak. I want to look in the mirror and see something different. It's a personal choice. Not something that I consulted with anyone even my closest friends. It took me a lot of thinking and a little push to finally have the guts to, once and for all, change this part of myself. So yeah, I did it. :)

I had this kind of hairstyle ever since my freshman year. People call it "Beiber hair" and it's really just the worst thing. Two things-- I hate Justin Beiber (no offense to fangirls) and...yeah I really just hate him. (HAHAHA!). I lost count on how many I actually colored it and had countless of haircuts after all those years and still have the same old long side swept bangs. I was so sick of it. 

(Here are some photos to show you)


It was some time during the sembreak that I came across a site about male hair styling tips. Yeah, I was that desperate. I found that Undercut was "in" this season and so I tried to find photos for reference. I had long bangs for a reason, that is to hide my wide forehead which I'm not exactly proud of. So obviously I had doubts. It's not the life or death kind of situation but this decision could make or break a look you have to admit, right?  Coz you have to live with it at some point.

My biggest push to finally try this style is none other than *drum roll please, Zayn Malik of One Direction. If I try to explain how awesome I actually think of him, it would be so long that I need a separate post for it. The bottomline is that he's my idol and I'm stoked about his blonde-streaked undercut that he fashioned in one of One Direction's music videos, Live While While Were Young. I swore to achieve the look.

Still shot from the MV

Cool huh?
It was mid-December when I did it in time for an androgynous shoot (will make a separate post for that). It all came into play and luckily it's sort of well-received, I dunno. Good thing about this for me is that it won't be such a hassle when I brush my hair before I go somewhere especially school. I get late, a lot. Actually I can use both my hands instead. That and when everytime I wake up it's still intact. Less effort and very low maintenance than it actually looks. :)

You'll be seeing more of this hair in my future posts. Forgive coz' some of them are backlogs but I'm still gonna post it anyway. :)

I hope you won't find it weird. :)


  1. Hey, CC! This is great blog post for your new beginning. Keep on blogging :*

  2. Atsitsi! Salamat pau! Ever supportive friend :)

  3. Omg nice one! Mas lalo kang gumwapo *blush* Hihi. Hi! Remember mo pa ako? :) Ikaw yung kauna-unahang nag-comment sa posts ng blog ko :D I'm not active na eh :( Anyways, keep on blogging! It's a new beginning for you and so far, so good pa naman. Haha. God bless!
    P.S. Paki-follow ako sa Twitter ha? :D @itsmepaulitaa thanks :*